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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Westward Ho!

Does anyone ever feel the need to pack up everything and take a wagon west? Or am I the only one that has a fascination with all things Oregon Trail and Conestoga? I think that I may be a little odd...but while watching The Patriot (and yes, I know that The Patriot is NOT set during that time period) last night with the hubs, I got to wishing that I lived back then times were simpler. No car payments, no grocery shopping at the big box stores, no utility bills. Just a horse and buggy, the local general store, and a close relationship with the pump and clothesline. Don't get me wrong, I know things weren't all hunky dory for them as well. You know, that whole cholera, typhoid fever, malaria, hostile indians, and snakebite thing. Not to mention the death rate for women giving birth was staggering. REGARDLESS, I have a want for chickens scratching in the yard, a cow to milk, and a rooster for an alarm clock that wakes you at an appropriate hour. No, not eight AM. Five. You know, when the sun rises? Have you ever seen that? Me? Hardly ever. So that's my random thought for the day. How about you? Ever wish you lived sometime other than now? When? Another random thought: Do you think that anyone two hundred years from now will long for the "2000s"?

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  1. Wow! We do think alike. That is too funny! It mirrors so many of my own thoughts. THanks for sharing the link with me.