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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Tuesday Kind of Wednesday Morning

I took a trip to the Fort today to look for party stuff for Evelyn's first birthday. What a bust....BUT!!!! I discovered a new store that I never had looked into. I had seen it several times, but just never went in! Tuesday Morning!!!! Love their stuff! I plan on going back as soon as the house is ready to be redecorated..........again. :o) We just moved into our little house five years ago, and already I am ready for some new stuff.

Top Five Reasons that Andrea loves Tuesday Morning.
1. Kid's books. I have an addiction. I've admitted it. But I'm not doing anything to stop this addiction. And at $3.99 for a hardback picture book, why should I?!?!?

2. Pillows. I love pillows. I need to go back for a couple when the hubs finishes putting the porch swing together. Or MAYBE I will use the new handy PINK tool set that Mom and Dad got me for Mother's Day. Yeah, I think I will do that!

3. The CUTEST Winnie the Pooh birthday commemoration plate and cup set. CUTE!!! Not really into the literary characters and cartoon characters but THESE WERE ADORABLE!!!!

4. Melissa and Doug puzzles for $2.99! 'Nuff said.

5. Kitchen utensils. Another addiction that I don't do anything about. Next, I believe that I need a potato scrubber. Because everyone needs a good tater scrubber, right?? Right.

And you ask what I came away with from this store??? Nada. Zero. Zilch. A big old goose egg. NOT ONE THING!!! MY husband will be SO proud. :o) But from Target? Now THAT's another blog.


  1. target is always dangerous for me

  2. Amazingly enough, I only bought three little mushroom pot stakes that I didn't need!!! I always make it to the checkout, and then always think, "What would my husband say?" I end up putting a few other "necessities" back. ;o)