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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Giveaways, Garage Sales, and Unfinished Chores

I've been MIA the past few days due to some big happenings.

1. Hubby passed his certs to become a firefighter. I am so proud of him. We HAD to celebrate. We went out ALL BY OURSELVES for the first time since Evelyn was born ELEVEN months ago! Billy Ann's was delish as always.

2. Garage Sales. Friday and Saturday are my bargain hunting days. Friday, my deal of the day were these cuties:
Emma Claire claimed the pink one IMMEDIATELY, so Evelyn was stuck with the green. Personally, I think Ev made out better.

Also got these beauties:
Perfect for my terrariums.
Here's a random tidbit. Ball Glass Works was located in Muncie, Indiana for 100 years before moving the company to Colorado a little over ten years ago. I live about 45 miles from Muncie. Who cares, right? Sorry, I got a little sidetracked.

Last but not least, one of these:
The Singer 1725. $10. No, I have NO clue how to use it. Yes, the instructions were included. And no, I don't live anywhere close to a Singer factory. But my in-laws do. About 50 miles from Singer HQ. Crazy, huh? :o) Again, no one cares, right?

3. Been busy getting some stuff around the house done.
To Do:
A. Compost Bin
B. Clothesline
C. Square Foot Garden (more details later)
D. Put up porch swing (Mother's Day gift)
E. Get that damn rabbit out of my house. Who in the heck thought that it would be a good idea to get a rabbit??? (Yes, it was mine.)
F. Get going on some landscaping

Thus far, the only thing crossed off of my list is letter "E". Hrmmm...By the way, did that last part of this blog remind anyone else of those stupid outlines you had to make in elementary school? And you wonder why I only have one thing marked off of this to do list. Dang adult ADD.

Okay, last note of interest:
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  1. Oh, the sewing machine for $10!? I wish I could get one like that. I have one but it's the heavy Singer old model. I've just been out trying to look for some tension replacement. It's like a brand new and an antique mechanical machine in one. Mom had it fixed for me. It was my old aunt's..

    Anyways, I'm just a bit jealous.:D

    Congrats to your hubby's accomplishment.

    And good luck on the rabbits hehe

  2. Well, I am a bit jealous of YOU! I always wanted a vintage Singer! And thanks so much! I will pass on your congrats! As for the rabbit, she has been temporarily relocated to the porch. :-P

  3. I can see you're one busy mama Andrea! I wonder when will i be that busy haha! I must you have beautiful daughters.

    Btw, congrats to your hubby!

    Poor rabbit! :D

  4. We keep a full schedule. :o) Thank you! I am truly blessed with the girls and my fantastic accomplished hubby. I will pass on your congrats!

  5. I love those Ball jars and with zinc lids, yowza!

  6. I know, right!? I can't wait to actually get some motivation to fill 'em. Wait...that didn't really make sense, did it?

  7. Great finds, love those Ball jars! And I know where Muncie is, lol... too bad they're not still there!

    And as far as the Singer, look on youtube for tutorials on how to use it. I lost my manual, but even when I DID have it, I was clueless.

    Thanks for visiting me! :)