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Sunday, May 2, 2010

So improved

Well, you all will be glad to hear that I have the new blog up and running...Wait...You all?!?! I have one faithful follower. But, boy, am I glad for that one follower! Otherwise, I may feel like complete failure and this entire GORGEOUS (Yes, that was sarcasm) Sunday afternoon would have been a complete waste. Oh well. I suppose I ramble on and on for my own sake more than anyone else's. No offense, Ten. And I haven't even figured out how to post pictures in a blog yet! That will be tomorrow's task. As for the Peterson update, it was another lazy Sunday. I think that you know you are old when your favorite day switched from Friday to Sunday. I LOOOVE Sundays. They just have a completely different feel to them. You know? It's such a rest after the weekend. Speaking of weekends, this weekend was jam packed with good deals. I went to a few yard sales. The steals were a Barbie car that satisfied Emma's newfound love of all things Mattel and a crib set for Ev. Barbie Car: $1. Crib Set: $5. Love them both: Crib set looks great in the girls room, and Barbie car inspired those wonderful words that every mother loves to hear: "Oh, thankyouthankyouthankyou! I love you, Mama!" Music to my ears. Topped off Saturday with a birthday party (Happy Birthday, Little Jackson!!!) and a trip to Bummie's for a couple of Spanish Dogs. And you heard what I did today...NOTHING. Till next time...

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