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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Away in a Manger

So, while listening to Glenn Beck this morning on my way to pick up Emma, I got to thinking. I don't care if you love him or hate him, he makes you think. For everyone who thinks he is all political, that is just a piece of Glenn Beck. But this particular morning, I listened to a version of the Christmas story. A version that made you look at it in a completely different way. In a PERSONAL way. One that made you put yourself in that stable many years ago.

I can't really put this into an actual paragraph format. It is more like a bunch of random musings that are running through my head.

Can you imagine yourself as Mary? Can you imagine having to tell your parents, friends, and husband to be that you were pregnant? And pregnant with the son of God, nonetheless. I do understand the fear of having to tell your family and friends that you are pregnant (and somewhat "unmarried" in their way of thinking). Been there. Done that. Imagine the fear of telling them that you are pregnant, yet still a virgin. Would they believe you? How would your husband to be react? Would he believe you? Would he think that you had strayed from him? Would he still want you to be his wife?

Imagine Joseph's fear, after dreaming, that he was to be the father of Jesus. Would he be able to raise a son to God's standards? Would he love him as his own even?

Imagine the trip to Bethlehem. Can you imagine being full with child on a donkey (assuming a donkey was used)?I know how uncomfortable I was those last couple of months. Add a good long donkey ride to that discomfort.

Imagine knocking on the doors of the inns, only to be turned away. Imagine Mary's fear after learning that she was to give birth to the son of God on the dirty floor of a stable, with only Joseph and the animals to exalt the King? Imagine being a young woman giving birth for the first time. If you are a mother, do you remember your first child??? How scared were you, not knowing what labor was like? Mary, I am sure, had seen labor before, yet was still afraid, I am sure. Imagine Joseph learning of Herod's plans to kill his son. How would he protect Mary and the baby from Herod?

Do you remember looking into your babies' eyes and wondering what the future held for them? What would they look like? What would they be when they grew up? Would they follow in your footsteps? How are you going to raise this little being into someone who loved God as much as you do? How would you teach them what they needed to know to be a good person, to be compassionate to others?

Mr. Beck reminded me this morning, "They were just people." Just like you and I. Normal, everyday, people.

Can you IMAGINE?

Amy Grant's "Breath of Heaven"
video by Tony Cortes
Both very talented and using His talents to praise Him.

"...but I offer all I am

for the mercy of your plan...

help me be strong..

help me be...

help me..."

The prayer of a mother...

Also, please pray for a fellow mother, Dana (a friend of Renae Deckard, a blog friend) at Roscommon Acres who lost her precious baby boy this week. She is surrounded by God, family, and friends, but another prayer could never hurt. I have been crying with her here in Indiana. Heaven is blessed to have Mattias, and Mattias is blessed with heaven.

Blessed Christmas to you all!