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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's Been A Long While...

But having a little one in preschool is TOUGH!!!! That, and I will be honest with you. I got a little blogged out for awhile. So I took a sabbatical and now...I'm BACK!!! Is there anyone still out there??? Well, to sum up what we have been up to lately, it can be said in one picture.
It appears as though Rob and I have a couple of fish on our hands, although Emma claims that she isn't a fish, but a mermaid. She is now able to swim without a lifejacket, but we still make her wear it out in the deep water, of course. We went to our local pool the other day and she LOVED the slides. It's in 11 feet of water and I was a nervous wreck. But she popped herself up just fine!
Entered into this week's photo challenge at I Heart Faces