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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Before I Kick the Bucket List

Who remembers this amazing, fun, moving movie?
I was inspired by Melissa's post at A Family in Love to make a Summer Bucket List of my own since the summer usually slips through my fingers like sand from a pail.

Make an address planter (like this one at Cap Creations)
Make my own salsa
Learn the art of canning
Organize the pantry (again...and again...and again)
Take the fam to the drive in
See Eclipse with the girls (Yes, I'm a Twi-nerd)
Learn how to use the Singer (Anyone offering lessons???)
Take the girls for a hike at Ouabache (the local state park)
Take Emma Claire canoeing
Make these cute little ladies for the garden
Take the girls to the Children's Museum in Indy
Make the garage a usable space Done! Well, it's clean anyway!!
Start a little Christmas shopping (Be quiet. I'll be the one laughing at Christmas.)
Build a playhouse for the girls
Paint the house (I'm shootin' high on that one.)
Build a kitchen (for said playhouse) like Kristen's that was featured here at Knock Off Wood
Hang clothes on the line (The line that doesn't exist yet...)
Make this chore system for Emma (from Making the World Cuter)
Visit the in-laws in Tennessee
Take Emma Claire to Pine Lake We had a blast!!! Hubs even took a day off (this hardly EVER happens) and even HE had fun!!
Take Emma Claire to see Junie B. Jones (this isn't until November, but I thought that I would include it anyway) at Amish Acres
Go to the flea market at Shipshewana (If you are ever in northern Indiana, go there! It's WONDERFUL!!!)
Have Aunt Delaney come for a visit.
Camp out. Even if it's in the backyard.
Stick to Weight Watchers.
Run a 5K. Starting small.
Join a Zumba class. See what the hype is all about.
Make a new friend.
Find a batting cage.
Shooting range. (Yes, I am a self-proclaimed hillbilly. I shoot.)
Convince the hubby to get a dog (This may take more than just the summer). (Yes, this was the first one accomplished of the summer!!! I have no clue what got into him!!!
Sign Emma Claire up for a dance class.
Finish the Summer Reading Program that we never do. We always read, we just lose track).
Go on a mini-vacation to the Sandusky area.
Cut down on soda to one a week.
Take the husband to the Cord-Deusenburg museum in Auburn
Convince the husband to take me to see Steel Magnolia at Three Rivers Festival.
Take Em to Johnny Appleseed Festival
Convince Mom to go to the Country Living Fair in Columbus
Go to the zoo.
Go to the zoo.
Go to the zoo.
Go to the zoo.
Go to the zoo.
(Yes, it's on there multiple times so that I can check it off MULTIPLE TIMES. We love the zoo.)
Take the girls to Science Central.
Convince Emma that there are not any robbers in her room and that she can sleep the whole night long in her OWN bed.
Complete MY summer reading program. (8 books in two months. REALLY?!?!? Come on. So far, I am three and a half in. One month remaining. Odds are not looking good to me.)
Take some photos of Magic Valley. (Stay tuned to find out what this is.)
Fine tune my photo skills.

This will be a to be continued post...


  1. Hey! I am about to watch that movie because a friend of mine promise to lend her dvd. Now, i am more excited to see it because of your bucket list. Definitely, watching Eclipse would be on the top of my list too. Happy Sunday Andrea!

  2. WHOA. You best get busy. :) I'm exhausted just from reading your list!

  3. Mishieru! Thanks so much for stopping by! How did you like it??? I love Jack Nicholson, so it's one of my faves! Hope you had a happy Sunday! (and a happy Monday for that matter too!)

    Keri-I know, right?!? So far, you see how many have been crossed off, right??? I'm not going anywhere quickly, that's for sure! :o)


  4. Happy Welcome Wednesday!

  5. Thanks for stopping by! I love your impressive list! I'm keeping a mental summer bucket list but I really need to write it down somewhere.

    I have a great salsa recipe if you're interested.