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Friday, September 24, 2010

God Bless You!

Well, I received my first Booksneeze product to review! I watched "The Way Home" today while the girls were napping. It was an okay movie with a great message. This movie is a great reminder of what is important in your life. Dean Cain plays a father whose work is priority one. His life is shaken when his two year old son goes missing under his supervision. Okay acting, little plot, great message. I think that it would be okay for kids, but I would be worried about little ones, since there are scary parts when they talk about the possibility of not finding the boy in time. I enjoyed it nonetheless. The part about the movie that I liked the most was that it was based on actual events. Dean Cain does a good job of playing the distraught, guilt ridden father. Lori Beth Edgeman, not so believable as a mother whose son is missing.

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